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Visit to download iSafeguard v8 the New Generation

iSafeguard™ Security Suite

Version 6.3 released!!!   Click here to learn more.

MXC Software provides low cost, easy to use and highly secure encryption and digital signature solutions for every one from big companies to individual users. Our software is used to

  • Manage the passwords of your online accounts with iSafeguard™ Password Manager. No more weak passwords! iSafegaurd™ Password Manager manages your passwords and fills web forms for you. Click here to learn more

iSafeguard™ Enterprise is designed for companies that have already deployed Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Certificate Service. iSafeguard™ Enterprise makes it very easy to deploy an encryption and digital signature solution within your organization. Data recovery is supported through central configuration. Contact us for more information.

iSafeguard™ Professional is designed for companies that do not have Active Directory. It does not require a PKI to work. Users create their own certificates and use them to secure their digital assets. It is perfect for individual users as well. Click here to download.

iSafeguard™ Freeware is for non-business individual users. Although it lacks some of the features the enterprise and professional editions have it does provide powerful encryption and digital signatures capabilities, security is as strong as the enterprise and professional editions. Click here to download - it is FREE.

All editions support using certificates from any Certificate Authorities, and handle certificate status checking automatically.

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