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  Changing Pass Phrase

Changing Password

Remember that the combination of your login name and pass phrase is used to generate a session key to encrypt your profile that contains your private keys and certificates.

Tip: It is a good idea to change your pass phrase once a while (once a month, for example) or whenever you feel that your pass phrase has been compromised (someone looked over your shoulder while you were typing your pass phrase).

To change your pass phrase:

  1. Login if you are not currently logged in;
  2. Locate the golden lock icon on the taskbar;
  3. Right click your mouse button on the lock;
  4. Select Change Pass Phrase from the popup menu;
  5. Enter your login name, old pass phrase as well as new pass phrase and confirmation;
  6. Click the OK button to change your pass phrase. Or click Cancel to keep your original pass phrase.

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