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Installation Guide

This guide helps you install iSafeguard™ on your computer. If you have any questions please contact

System Requirements

For best performance, the minimum system requirements are as follows:

  • A Pentium 133 MHz PC or compatible
  • 32 MB RAM
  • Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows NT/SP5 or later, or Windows 98
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later

Warning: You may need to download specific installer package for your Windows. Windows 95 is not supported.

Downloading and Installing Microsoft Windows Installer

The installation package uses Microsoft?Windows?Installer service that ships as part of the Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows?Millennium Edition (Windows Me) operating systems, and is provided in a service pack to Windows 95, Windows 98, and Microsoft Windows NT?version 4.0.

If you don't have Windows Installer service installed on your machine, you may use the following web link to download and install Windows Installer service.

  • Choose “Windows Installer Redistributable (x86/Win9x)?if you are running Windows 95 or Windows 98
  • Choose “Windows Installer Redistributable (x86/NT 4.0)?if you are running Windows NT 4.0

After the installation, follow the instructions below to install the software.

Installing iSafeguard™ From Windows Explorer

Follow the steps below to install the software from Windows Explorer.

  1. Start Window Explorer
  2. Find the file e.g. isafe.msi
  3. Right mouse click on the file
  4. Select Install menu item from the popup menu
  5. Following the installation wizard to complete the installation

Installing iSafeguard™ From Command (DOS) Prompt

Follow the steps below to install the software from command (DOS) prompt.

  1. Start a command (DOS) window
  2. Change to directory where isafe.msi is stored
  3. Enter isafe.msi, and then hit the Enter key
  4. Follow the installation wizard to complete the installation

Removing iSafeguard™ From Your Computer

  1. Start Windows Control Panel by selecting Start and then Control Panel
  2. Double click on Add or Remove Programs
  3. Select iSafeguard™ Security Suite for Windows by clicking on it
  4. Click the Remove to remove iSafeguard™ from your computer

Note: When you uninstall the software there is a registry key named MXC Software left behind under HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software. We leave it there so that when you reinstall iSafeguard™ your settings are kept. You may just leave it there or use regedit to delete the registry key completely.

Warning: You must not delete anything else other than the key named MXC Software. If you are not sure how to use regedit properly DON'T use it. The following instruction is for advanced users only.

To delete the key after uninstall the software

  1. Open a DOS (Command Prompt) window
  2. Type regedit and then hit the enter key
  3. Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER and then Software
  4. Find key MXC Software under Software and then right click the mouse button on the key
  5. Select Delete from the popup menu and then confirm the delete operation

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