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Securing Document Delivery

iSafeguard™ provides the following solutions with or without a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

iSafeguard's signing, encrypting and archiving features help you secure your documents before emailing to your customers or clients. So you are sure that your documents are only readable to your clients or customers. There are two options you may choose from:

  1. You can pack your sensitive files, folders and sub-folders into a single password protected self-extracting archive file by using the iSafeguard™ archiving feature. Then email the archive file to your client. Call him to tell him the password. Your client then uses the password to decrypt the encrypted archive file. No client software is required.
  1. If your clients have iSafeguard™ installed you can create a signed and encrypted archive file to ensure privacy and integrity of your data. This also ensures the origin of the archive file because of the digital signature embedded in the archive file.

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