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Importing Other People's Certificates

Your friends now have your certificate; they can send secure messages to you. If you want to send secure messages to your friends, you need to have their certificates. Lets assume that your friend Bob Evans gives you his certificate in a file called Bob Evans.cer.

You have two options to import other peoples' certificates.

  1. Drag a certificate file from Windows Explorer or base64 text from your email program and then drop to the Certificate Manager
  2. Use the Certificate Import Wizard

Importing a Certificate

Now let's use the wizard directly to import this certificate

  1. Start the Certificate Manager if it is not started;

The certificate manager is started and shown below.

  1. Click the Import... button;

This brings up the Certificate/Key Import Wizard as shown in the following figure.

  1. Click Next button to start
  1. Select Import certificate/key from a file option and then click Next
  1. Enter Bob Evans.cer or browse to the file; and then click the Next button to continue
  1. Verify the thumbprint with Bob Evans and then select I have verified its thumbprint with its subject and I want to trust it.
  2. Click the Next button to continue
  1. Summary page is shown; click the Next button to import the certificate
  1. Bob's certificate has been imported successfully; click the Done button to close the wizard

Now Bob Evans's certificate is imported into iSafeguard™ successfully. The newly imported certificate is listed in the "Other People" category of the Certificate Manager as shown in the following figure.

Examining a Certificate

You now have a certificate from Bob. To find more information about the certificate

  • Double click on Bob Evans' certificate; or
  • Select the certificate and then click the Open... button.

The Certificate Viewer is started and shown in the following figure.

Click the Details tab to see more details.

You can see that the subject of the certificate is Bob Evans. Click on each item to find more information about this certificate.

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